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Apriori  Albero
approach principles:

We pre-fabricate it, deliver it in perfect condition, turn-key assemble it and guarantee quality.


Only high-quality materials, components, instruments and equipment from trusted suppliers and partners.


Only highly professional workers on the shop level, our original supervision and control of utility and external systems connection.


One contract for whole project lifecycle. Building certificates are given to customer along with house keys.


Everything possible is pre-fabricated under strict supervision.

Maximal readiness at manufacturing site.

We maintain all the details and nuances of multi-level frameworks production just as it was planned in the project.

We complete inner and outer garnishing with heat insulation indoors instead of outdoors.

As well as electric cable laying inside wall panels, roofing, floors and beds, up to power outlets and switches.

Window and door units’ installation with high quality joints isolation.

Now we need only to deliver all this to your site without quality losses. That is why Apriori Albero design constructions to fit in standard canopy body: height up to 2.9m, width up to 2,4m, length up to 13m.

Speed and simplicity

Do you know, what’s not going to be on Apriori Albero house construction site?

There will be no construction site, basically.

No storage space – nothing to keep there.

No construction garbage.

No construction shacks and workers presence.

A truck and a mobile crane will come and go. Everything on the wheels. Zap – and its done.

However, it all requires immense preparations, which customer does not see.

We will do it like this:

- Within as short time as possible we will assemble the core and utilities of the house upon premade foundation: 126 m 2 area requires 2 days, 400 m 2 area – nine working days

- Complete full package of inner engineering tasks and final electrical equipment installation, and connect it all to external networks – in seven days

- Finish garnishing, lay a flooring (flooring panels involve high heat isolation), install plumbing fixtures, put baseboards and inner doors – exact term depends on client approved component parts list.

- Perform full outer garnishing range of works

- Meticulously check working capability of all house systems and deliver to client together with all construction certificates.

You can move in immediately on delivery day. Feel yourself at home and enjoy life.

Sturdy elements, flexible

1. What frame does the building have?
We build a house via panelizing technology; each panel has its own hard frame. Panels are interconnected rigidly. House structure resembles a construction toy: one detail matches another perfectly.
2. Can you diversify Apriori Albero building architecture?
Yes, the flexibility of our decisions allows that. Bearing beams spacing is 600mm. This gives great freedom to client, architect and interior designer: we have projects with rounded-off walls and façade floor-to- ceiling glazing. What would your future house look like? We will decide this together during the planning stage.
3. Will the house be warm?
Yes, indeed! The simplest of our houses has R-value of 3.84. Beam cross-section for floor and roof panels is 200x80 (100) mm and more, for walls – 150x80 (100) mm and more. Plus wall insulation, high floor heat insulation, though it is easy to arrange a heated floor without raising its level.
Plus the accuracy of panel pre-fabrication, we calibrate them up to millimeter on testing benches.
Plus joints draft-proofing during installation on-site.
Plus well thought-off engineering networks and trusted equipment suppliers.
Count them pluses for yourself!
You get cost-effective in maintenance, cozy space. You want a fireplace or a wood-burning stove? 1000 different options to choose from. Warms your soul, really.
4. How will the house look from the outside?
It will look just as you want it to look. Any garnishing is possible with hard frame: any material, texture and color.
5. What about the inside? Style, furniture – up to client, or?..
Let us think about it during the project development stage, to include price in final pricing of interior furnishing. We can make furniture of any style you like. Alternatively, we can buy it via catalogue, deliver it on-site and assemble for a reasonable price.
6. Can roofing be of any type as well?
Flexible tiling. Other roofing material. Yes. Any type. However, you have to consider its weight and choose corresponding beams when you consider your roofing material.
7. What about the foundation?
Again: any type. Up to client. Weight of the house is not too big, so if you have no need in semi-basements or basement, we can make it either pile or girder foundation. Even make a semi-basement if you need one. Moreover, raise the topography too. The more elevation difference – the more advantageous architecture looks. That is what matters.
8. Who connects a finished house to external networks and communication lines?
We do, upon additional request – if we have discussed it with you beforehand and put it in the price. But even if you want to optimize it yourself, communicating directly with service providers – our specialists will supervise the process anyway. Consider it author’s supervision by a contractor, who values his reputation.
9. What about the environmental compatibility?
All the materials of the house are fully certified in accordance with Russian legislation. All the certificates are given to the client after the delivery acceptance act. Just like the construction certificate with detailed information on declared parameters.
10. Can you please describe these parameters in numbers?
Of course.
Building energy rating A+
R-value 3.84 (standard rate – 3.13)
Building warranty – ten years, but you can maintain the building for much longer without losing stated specifications.
Utility systems warranty – 18 month.