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How are we going to build your house and the process of our communication.



The project starts with detailed introduction.

The house and its owner should have similar attitude towards work and leisure. Convenient atmosphere is created by a character congruence.

You might find what you’re looking for among our popular standard projects. If we start from scratch, then – from scratch it is. With specific task in mind.
In this case, we want to know as much as we can about Apriori Albero to-be house owners.

What family will gather under its roof? What do you like, what are your passions? What things do you keep from season to season, and what approximate space would they occupy? Are you hospitable? Do you prefer large group of friends? Feasts, quiet fireplace snuggles? Or a hammock on your porch and quiet siesta?

How active are you outdoors and especially indoors: are you walking slowly, or flourish your arms? Live on the run or loll on your sofa?
What colors do you prefer, what are your associations to them? More light? Tinted glass?
Questions, questions, questions…

Now add environment, terrain, landscape.
How far from your neighbors? Are you connected closely, or prefer to keep your distance? How many trees and bushes around the house, how tall and colorful are they over the year?

How much time to spend on the process of examination of your needs is for you to decide. Many people like to feel their home beforehand. Are you too busy for this, and we should avoid these concerns? As you wish.

We draw, we count, we sign.

Yes, project development is not free. Though the sum isn’t big, it disciplines both sides: we are sure that your plans are serious and that we use the time profitably.

Fascinating game of constructing your house ends with design drawing confirmation. There are three important acts after this:

– DBOM (Design-build- operate-maintain) agreement conclusion.
– Detail estimate confirmation – it would be clear and understandable for you.
– Upfront fee in the volume of 70% of total work cost: for material purchasing and production of pre- fabricated materials.

First acceptance, first delivery act.

Before we go to the assembly site, we report you on money spent and on following every project detail.

Are you ready for on-site construction? Pay 20% more – and the house goes where it is meant to be. With all the precautions.

Let your house hold your pleasure.

All the works are completed in time specified. You accept them in full accordance with the act, make final 10% payment and get its certificate along with keys. The contract is fulfilled.

We’re always in touch if you need us. Open for any questions and advising. And the most pleasing part is receiving photos of happy people who like their house even a year after it is done.

Which house is going to be your favorite? Let us meet and talk about it.

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