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Wooden house in a couple of
weeks: comfort, quality,
That is what we live by.

Apriori Albero Company  designs, produces and assembles modern wooden houses with full furnishing and complete set supplying: you can sleep there right on delivery day. It is all set!
Using all the house-building innovations.
For Moscow region and Russian customers.

Our own engineering design and production facilities.

Our own system for fast construction of panel-assembled buildings.

Our patrons take pride in their houses. They are in love with them.

Apriori  Albero in numbers:

300 m²

Of living space we produce monthly and soon we will be able to build twice as much houses ready for living immediately.

на 99%

Is the price difference between our fast-created houses and “slow” building, which takes 2-3 years to complete the cycle from foundation to walls, roofing and garnishing.


Is the difference in how more reliable construction producing at the factory is in comparison with on-site approach.

₽ 50k per m²

Is the price of works between patron’s wish and a house warming.


We cooperate with Italian engineering architectural firm SANTILLIINGEGNERIA for more than five years. We engage European specialists for implementation of most complex and unorthodox projects.

May anyone
find a house for himself:
affordable and desirable.

Choose out of our ready
decisions or come with idea,
that inspired you.

We can execute a standard design based on any developer’s drawings. We would make it even better with our modular design principle. We have the technology. It is universal.

Our experience can also be used in building of social facilities, not only low-rise living houses. We want compact, warm cozy schools, kindergartens, libraries, stores to appear with Apriori Albero help. Fast and reliable.

All the projects.
Дом №3

346 m2 individual project house assembled in 15 weeks, Novoselky complex.

Дом №2

137 m2 typical project house assembled in 9 weeks, Velegozh Park

Дом №1

116 m2 individual project house assembled in 9 weeks, Zhavoronki